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Why does one business fail while another succeeds?

Shhh... it's because of their brand stories.

Sure, you're invested and you know your brand's positioning. You may even know your 'raison d'etre' – your reason for being – and how your brand values affect your reputation. This detailed brand story defines how people perceive you. It makes your About Page look good.

But this brand story won't grow your revenue for all the money in the world because of one simple, inconvenient truth:


Sales don't come from your about page. Sales come from your sales page, and for that, you want a different kind of story!

Clients only care about you when your brand story is all about them!

The Brand Story Blueprint is a done–for–you service that puts your dream clients at the heart of your story. It shows them that you truly understand them with a powerful story that resonates with people who are hardwired to love what you can do for them. It writes the blueprint for the perfect sales page, and gives you everything you need to attract dream clients into your business.

When you tell the story that's in people's hearts,
they give you their money.

Use applied psychology and the power of brand archetypes to tell the story that's in people's hearts; one that makes your dream clients the heroes. 

Payment plans available. Money-back guarantee.

The Brand Story Blueprint makes your brand story all about them, so they'll happily buy into you. 

This one–to–one service is a fully tailored, fully personalised delve into the essence of what makes your ideal customers tick. It explores who cares about you, and why, so you can reverse-engineer these people – who set you up for success – into the fabric of your business.

Your Brand's Success Story

Built to last for at least 5 years, delivered in just 7 days


90-Minute Brand Story Workshop

Let's unpack what really matters to the people who actually care about your solution.


Competitor Analysis

Analysing your top 5 competitors from a client's perspective identifies natural gaps in your market.


Sales Psychology Map

Prototype the dream client, so you can pull all the right sales strings to get their "yes please!".


The Ultimate Elevator Pitch

Never feel at a loss for words again with a 10-second elevator pitch. Perfect for networking!


Full Brand Story Development

We'll craft the perfect story to attract people who care about buying from you.


Brand Personality Profile

Create an authentic brand personality profile that reflects the dream clients' values.


Emotive Sales Story Outline

So you'll know exactly what to say to your ideal prospects in every scenario.


Tailored Brand Language

Get a personalised selection of power words that your dream clients will instantly resonate with.

You'll also get...

An Incredible Inbound Marketing Tool

Breathe life into your story with an easy–to–use tool that speaks to dream clients through their changing levels of awareness. This tool can be used autonomously or given to your PPC agency. It's the perfect way to use your story at every touchpoint, so you can grow your business through the power of inbound marketing.


30-Minute Follow-up Consultation

Explore how you can use your winning brand story for optimal success. 

Get all of this today for just £2,500 - that's less than one month of managed marketing from a mediocre agency that doesn't know your story. 

Payment plans available. Money-back guarantee.

Join these successful brands

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Inbound Marketing is 10x more effective than outbound marketing.

When people come to you and ask for your services, they're already pre-conditioned to buy from you.

The Brand Story Blueprint works because it analyses people who are already pre-conditioned to buy from you at a deeply human level, then gives you tools to speak to them effectively. 

They start to ask for your services because they like you and want to choose you, which means you don't need to spend a fortune chasing disinterested leads with expensive ad campaigns that don't work.

Payment plans available. Money-back guarantee.

But who am I to tell you how
easy it is to attract dream clients?

I'm Natalie Dent, a seasoned sales copywriter with a knack for building compelling brand stories. I've been selling high-ticket services for 20 years, and have worked with some huge names including Helly Hansen, Microsoft, Egencia, and AJ Gallagher. I've also given all sorts of small business owners the confidence to go forth and be epic!

Here's what they say about their brand stories...

Why settle for anything less than dream clients?

Get your sales story straight, and everything else falls into place just the way it should. 

If you're not 100% impressed after the workshop, you can have a full refund – no questions asked!

But don't wait... every moment you spend hanging your hopes on your about page is a lost dream client who could be yours today.

Payment plans available. Money-back guarantee.

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