Why Do Christmas Gifts Always Come in Boxes?


Christmas is a little different this year.

Sure, you may not need to see that dubious uncle who always forgets your name, or plough your way through the family Monopoly board thinking how much easier things would be if you really did own all the properties on Mayfair, but nevertheless, a little extra Christmas cheer this year will go a long way to helping us all sink 2020 into a bucket of eggnog.

This year, what people need most is a boost. We all want to burst into 2021 full of confidence, optimism and hope!


Maybe your special someone is watching their once-successful business crumble under the weight of all the things they don't know how to say about washing your hands and covering your face?

Perhaps someone you love has lost their job and started an online business in a necessary attempt to support a family or make those stray ends come together somehow?

This Christmas, help someone you really care about get back on their feet. Give the gift of a new beginning with a ticket to professional content for their business.

Gifting a copywriting service is a fast-track to helping someone you care about make a real success of that unexpected entrepreneurial adventure.

By taking some of the stress of marketing off their plate, you're opening them up to all the possibilities their dreams can hold. It's the golden nugget that can take a new or struggling business into a strong, competitive position for the bright new future of 2021.

When you give the gift of professional copywriting services you're giving someone you love:

The Gift of Time

Every minute not spent on creating written content for marketing campaigns is time saved for your recipient to focus on their own product, skills or service.

The Gift of Confidence

Knowing an idea is well-executed brings a natural level of confidence that shines through in every element of an online business. Give your loved one the confidence to stand tall with a solid belief in the quality of their marketing content.

The Gift of Convenience

By creating just one piece of professionally written content, your special someone will be able to create a few months' worth of easy to use, copy and paste content for social media marketing that attracts customers and builds a brilliant brand.

The Gift of Dreams

Sometimes, all someone needs is a push in the right direction to launch them into the entrepreneurial life they have always imagined, but never been brave enough to have.

So this Christmas, why not challenge the boxes under the tree with the perfect box-free gift?

Be a part of something amazing by making a very real difference to someone you love. Give them the words to build something brilliant for themselves and their family with The Gift of Professional Copywriting Services.

Copywriting gifts can be used for websites, product descriptions, pillar posts, eBooks, blogs, LinkedIn Profiles, CV's, social media marketing and just about anything else that will help your special someone get going again.

All copywriting vouchers are valid until 31 December 2021, and if your recipient is not completely swept away by the gift of support I'll be happy to refund you before 31 December 2020, so you can use the money to buy them some nice socks instead.


We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” —Sir Winston Churchill