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So your prospect finally booked that discovery call... now what?

Learn how to use conversational, consultative sales techniques to close new clients without the hard sell.

Get comfortable wearing your sales hat!

So you can stop losing high-value clients to awkward discovery calls that go nowhere.

Improving conversational sales skills for yourself or your sales team is an easy way to bulletproof your business against the rising cost of living, without spending more money on your marketing!

Consultative Sales Training for Inbound Calls

Edinburgh-based sales coaching serving the UK, USA and beyond

Where do you see yourself today?


"I'm comfortable talking to people but don't enjoy talking about myself."

Private sales coaching teaches you how to let the client talk themselves into buying from you.


"I know I need to sell more but I don't want to push people into saying yes."

Private sales coaching shows you how to put service above sales, so buying from you gets easy.


"I feel ok sharing the benefits, but I crumble when it's time to ask for the money."

Private sales coaching gives you valuable life skills to feel confident selling your stuff!

Natalie Dent Sales Coach

Hi, I'm Natalie Dent

Over 2 decades in sales and marketing, I've refined my process for delivering exceptional customer experiences that drive high sales conversions. I've:

  • Personally sold over £10 million in luxury travel arrangements 

  • Coached people from all over the world to empower their sales processes

  • Led small teams of cruise ship photographers to sell over 5 million USD worth of $20 photos that the customers were adamant they didn't want to have taken, let alone buy!

My warm style focuses on visual learning, so you can get results in as little as 1 session.

Learn proven sales techniques that work for every industry, in a way that's perfectly tailored to your business and your clients.

Chatting Over Coffee

Session 1: A Shared Quest

The first 30 seconds with your prospect are the most important – learn how to create instant rapport by welcoming your client into your space.

Get the client to feel comfortable with you from the outset, and they'll feel compelled to want to choose you over your competition.

When you tell the story that's in people's hearts, they give you their minds... and their money!

Don't pay £20k to have the answers at your fingertips...

Session 2: Active Listening

In this session, we'll explore ways to open conversations, so you can find out what the client really needs from you.

The goal of this session is to hone your active listening skills through open-question techniques, sales-funnel thinking, and reading between lines.

Listening carefully
Putting the pieces into place

Session 3: The Yellow Brick Road

Clients only say yes when they recognise you can help solve the right problem. We'll build a personalised presentation process that gives them the right solution.

Show your clients what you can do in relation to what they have asked for. This avoids complexity and sets you apart from competitors.

Session 4: Objection Skills

Before you ask for the money, it's important to make sure the client likes your offer so you can remove any obstacles before they arise.

In this session, we'll identify different types of objections and teach you how to combat them. We'll also look at specific sales objections in your business or industry.

Confident business owner
Kid making money

Session 5: Close Confidently

By this stage of the process, the client likes you and has the right solution. They know you can help, and their objections have been cleared. It's time to close them!

Learn valuable techniques for delivering your price and asking for the money. We'll explore different ways to seamlessly shift the client from prospect to payment, without crumbling at the close.

Here's what you'll get when you book your private sales training with Natalie Dent...

  • 5x one-on-one sales coaching sessions valued at £350 per session, hosted on Zoom and valid for 6 months from the time of booking

You'll also get:

  • A follow-up consultation and debrief valued at £350

  • Access to my calendar to book your sessions at your leisure

  • A personalised sales process that's tailored to your business worth £2,500


Get £4,600 worth of value today for just £995 – that's less than half what a marketing agency charges for 1 month of supported services.

"My sales training with Natalie was very transformative... she has a gift with words and teaching. My confidence has sky-rocketed thanks to her!"

- Kailey Urbaniak, Cascadia Author Services

Kailey Urbaniak


  • Available Online

    Ask me your questions, run your ideas past me, or just get some friend...

    15 min

  • Available Online

    Iron out the kinks in your existing sales process to give your busines...

    1 hr 30 min

    350 British pounds
  • Available Online

    Your plan includes 5x 1hr sessions. Please choose a date for your firs...

    1 hr

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the sales coaching sessions?

Sessions last between 60 and 75 minutes per session.

How do I book my preferred times?


When you click the book now button, you'll receive a link to my diary. You can book your sessions all at once, or as you go, however you prefer. I recommend having your sessions once per week to get the best results.

How do you tailor the training to my business?


Before we start, I'll research your industry and services via your website. At the start of our training we'll talk about your current process to identify your strengths and challenges. All examples and demonstrations are based on your business, selling your services to your potential clients using universal techniques that are proven to work.

How does payment work?

A payment of £995 is taken at the time of booking. You can pay online via a secure payment gateway (Stripe) using any credit or debit card. You can also pay by bank transfer if you prefer.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, please get in touch to discuss your circumstances. I'm always happy to assist however I can.

What happens if I don't enjoy the training?

If you decide it's not for you by the end of the second session then you can cancel your training for a full refund.

Philipp Gloeckl

"Natalie is the single best freelancer I have ever worked with. I always feel very comfortable, and trust her honest opinion."

- Philipp Gloeckl, Best-selling Author 

When you give people what they need, and make it feel like it's their own choice to say yes, they buy it every time!

Wear your sales hat with confidence and grow your business today.

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