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SaaS for Equestrian Sports

Cavago is the AirBnB of the horse world. It connects people who have horse riding facilities with people who ride via an app and online booking system.


Project Brief

I was brought in to develop the brand story and tone of voice. I created the core website content, developed the entire Cavago Concierge concept, trained other copywriters, and produced ongoing inbound marketing campaigns.


Website copy and visual content for all travel and 'become a host' pages, which quickly ranked #1 on Google using organic search terms in a crowded industry. I also created the brand tone of voice guidelines, wrote various email drip campaigns, mentored the team, and designed a more efficient process for onboarding hosts.

During my time at Cavago, the social media audience grew from 5k to 15k followers, which was largely due to the success of the Golega campaign.

Client Feedback

“Natalie has been brilliant to work with and her contribution towards developing the brand voice of Cavago has been a revelation. She excels at understanding the right notes to strike to drive a narrative. 

She is excellent with her words and eloquent in her delivery of a message. 

What is particularly outstanding about Natalie’s work is her rigour and tenacity as she deep-dives into her subject. She strikes an excellent balance between the science and art of building a brand voice. There is no doubt that we will work with Natalie in the future.”

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