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Cascadia Author Services is a full-service assisted self-publishing company. They have published over 500,000 copies of books in fiction and prescriptive non-fiction. 


Project Brief

The business was recently purchased by a UK publisher. I was brought in to define the brand’s tone of voice and write a fresh website. This developed our relationship and I have since provided ongoing brand consultation. 

I have also trained the sales team, ghostwritten a business book, and produced a significant amount of material for use in sales funnels. Furthermore, I have been instrumental in creating packages and offers that can be booked online.


Full website content including the home and about pages, 6 package pages, and a contact page. I also ghostwrote a business book, created 2 launch funnels, developed a sequence of ads, and wrote a few emails. 

I provide ongoing brand consultation to Cascadia, and deliver private sales training for the sales team.

Client Feedback

“I'm delighted to recommend Natalie, an exceptional individual whose work has left an indelible mark on my business, Cascadia Author Services. When I embarked on the journey of having my book written, Natalie stepped in as a ghostwriter and brought a level of depth, research, and eloquence to the narrative that truly exceeded my expectations. Every chapter echoed my voice and vision, and her attention to detail ensured the content was both insightful and engaging.

But Natalie's skills go beyond just ghostwriting. She was instrumental in crafting our website copy, ensuring it not only resonated with our target audience but also reflected our brand's ethos in every line. With her knack for understanding the core message and translating it into compelling copy, she played a pivotal role in enhancing our online presence.

Furthermore, her contribution to our sales training was invaluable. Natalie possesses an innate ability to simplify complex concepts and communicate them effectively. Her sessions were interactive, enlightening, and equipped our team with tools and strategies that have undoubtedly propelled our sales performance.

In essence, Natalie is a versatile, dedicated, and astute professional. Her capacity to seamlessly transition between different projects and consistently deliver top-notch results is truly commendable. If you need a writer who can capture your vision, a brand strategist who can ensure your company's story, voice and image resonate, or a trainer who can uplift your team's performance, look no further than Natalie.”

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