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Higher Education 

Edinburgh College is a leading international college with four distinct campuses. It is one of Scotland’s largest colleges with approximately 26,000 students.


Project Brief

The client wanted to translate the College Strategy into human so that staff, learners and teachers can invest themselves in the future of Edinburgh College with a shared culture. The goal was to get people to believe the future is bright despite the challenges of the COVID-19 years.


Consultation with the Head of Marketing and the Principle in Chief. I wrote the new brochure for the overall strategic plan as approved by the Board of Directors. Part of my consultation was to unpack how Edinburgh College fits into the wider community, and why that matters to people in the College community.

Client Feedback

“Natalie quickly grasped what we were looking for and has a wonderful ability to draw out what is really important to ensure our message was delivered with simplicity and a richness that we are confident will resonate with our intended audience. I would highly recommend Natalie - a pleasure to work with.”

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