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Real Estate Selling Agency

KW Scotia is a collection of independent real estate agents selling under the banner of Keller Williams in Scotland.

Articles, Sales Scripts, Email Writing

Project Brief

The agents wished to collect 36 pieces of content in various formats. This included blog articles, cold call scripts, and email sequences amounting to around 75,000 words or a full summer novel. Each piece of content needed to have a specific call to action. 

I was asked to create customizable content that was on-brand, yet tweakable so that each agent could use the sales content in their individual businesses without duplication.


I outlined and created a delivery schedule, planning how the pieces of content should fit together in a drip sequence. The 36 touchpoints project included 19 sequenced sales emails, 12 informative articles, and 5 cold-call scripts. The elements work together to encourage people to sell their homes.

Client Feedback

“The content is all great.  I have made it into a campaign and had a run-through with the agents today who all loved it too.”

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