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Mental Health

LB Therapy is a small business offering private occupational therapy and mental health support in Edinburgh.


Project Brief

Laura wanted to make feeling overwhelmed feel normal, so she could attract people who wouldn’t ordinarily visit their GP for support. The business was new, so we needed to create a concept for the brand and develop the right offers to grow revenue.


I developed the brand story and helped Laura create 3 new offers with various offer stacks. Website writing included the home, about, support options, 3 packages, training, and contact pages. 

Further consultation was provided to help Laura set up automation and make her booking process more efficient.

Client Feedback

“I can't recommend Natalie highly enough. Natalie is kind, open and very talented. She took time to understand me and my business and went above and beyond in what she delivered. She has given me a much-needed confidence boost and helped me see my business through new eyes. So grateful.”

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