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Insurance & Global Risk Management Consulting

AJ Gallagher provides insurance and risk mitigation for mergers and acquisitions. The company has an annual revenue of approximately $9.2 billion.

Corporate Copywriting, Proposal Documents

Project Brief

The client’s client was involved in a large-scale merger between two companies with very different corporate cultures. One was technology-driven, and the other was using a traditional people-first model. The brief was to create internal documents that bring both teams together to create a new corporate culture. 

The client needed this work to be completed in less than a day.


I delivered an eBook that outlined the merged companies’ shared opportunities and values to encourage staff to feel excited about the future. The tone was disruptive, exciting, and personable.

Client Feedback

The client was very happy with the work delivered on the first draft and no significant changes were requested. The project was completed within 24 hours.

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