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Adventures in Copywriting for the Modern Sales Converter


Copywriting is the member of your team who advocates for your business around the clock, while you're off doing other things. It needs to speak for you, to your audience, in a way that wins business and earns you an amazing reputation in your niche long before you get to meet your prospects.


Copywriting is more than just words. The best copywriting pulls on emotional triggers to persuade people to take action, using an intricate knowledge of the same behavioural quirks humans have displayed for hundreds of years. ​


Technology changes. Social platforms change. Markets change. People stay the same. When we tap into the minds of the people who buy our products, we surpass the changes that make marketing harder than it needs to be.


Join me on my journey to suss out the things that really matter to your people, and let copywriting close your sales for you.

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