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Environmental Care & Winter Services

Grounds Care Group provides gritting, Japanese knotweed removal, and grounds maintenance services to public entities and other large-scale clients across the UK.

Email Writing, Website Copywriting, Brand Story Development, Sales Training, Sales Scripts, Corporate Copywriting, Proposal Documents

Project Brief

The client was looking for customisable sales proposals that are easy for the staff to use. The documents needed to convey complex technical information that is largely boring to most people. This required creative development to make the information sound human and interesting.

We later went on to do a full brand story blueprint for the marketing team, and I provided private sales training to various staff members. We also developed the customer journey and defined the right customer experience to capture the brand’s values.


Proposal and tender documents for Japanese Knotweed and Bamboo. I created a full brand story with competitor analysis and mapped out a series of sales emails to help automate the client onboarding process.

Client Feedback

“The nice thing about working with you is that you don’t just offer your opinions. You provide real solutions.”

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