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Architectural Design Services

Kettle Collective is a world-renowned architectural design firm known for impressive landmarks like the Falkirk Wheel, The Solar Innovation Centre, and the Lakhta Centre.

Brand Story Development, Website Copywriting, Corporate Copywriting, Proposal Documents

Project Brief

The client wanted to simplify their brand story to show how their approach celebrates a sense of place. Under the leadership of Tony Kettle and Colin Bone, Kettle Collective designs ground-breaking singular landmarks and urban developments in some of the world’s most challenging environments.


Full website copywriting including home and service pages for architecture, interior design, landscaping, and urban planning. I created team profiles for senior members of the team, and customisable proposal documents for the architecture team.

I was later rehired to create a brochure and proposal for the interior design team.

Client Feedback

“We were blown away by the approach and understanding of the project. Natalie not only re-wrote the text but completely changed our approach to make us a more professional, approachable and friendly team.... exactly what we were looking for!“

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