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3 Things That Make Your Sales Copywriting Work Harder For Your Business!

If we dig deep enough into consumerism, we could say that all businesses are in the same industry. We create a solution, attract demand, and make a profit, regardless of the theme of the business or how we go about making money for it.

Marketing is the foundation for driving sales, yet so many people struggle to grasp the basics of quality marketing. Time and time again I see entrepreneurs and business owners going on a quest to create demand for their product, then trying to hard-sell it (without much success) to whoever will listen.

We can't create demand. Human nature simply doesn't allow it. What we can do, is leverage the existing demand, and channel it towards your point of sale.

The Best-Kept Secret in Sales and Marketing is to Keep it Simple.

Start with the story.

Take a moment to reflect on your current marketing. Think about it. What is your brand story saying about you while you're off doing other things?

Which words in your collection of social media posts, website pages, lead magnets, scripts and brochures are working for you, and how is your story selling you short before you have the chance to speak to your prospects yourself?

Copywriting is the base ingredient in your brand story.

Images paint a picture, and price tags give the info, but copywriting sells your story. As consumers, we only buy into stories. Without a solid story, the picture - and the price it carries - is relatively meaningless.

Brilliant Copywriting Harnesses the Core Emotions Behind Why We Make Our Decisions.

Copywriting embraces our inner reptilian instinct to have ownership and pulls on the psychological triggers that persuade us to take action. When copywriting gets this mix correct, we as consumers actively want to say yes to whatever it is you're offering.

But, for the reader to properly believe in the story, we also need to consider three key factors that effortlessly stretch out the emotional decision-making process:

1. Copywriting Needs A Compelling Story Arc.

Ask any successful author, and they will tell you all stories are pretty much the same.

Stories introduce a conflict with a real pain point, then spin a catalyst to realise the fear and throw the main character into the heart of their pickle. Challenges ensue, the character resolves their pain by discovering the perfect solution, and everyone lives happily ever after profoundly changed by the experience.

What's your customer's journey from a pain point to a solution, and how do you shape it with your story?

2. Copywriting Must Demonstrate The Science.

We all like to go where others have gone before, and survived, so staggeringly good sales copy needs to show social proof to demonstrate trust and accountability.

What proves you know what you're talking about, and makes others want to be part of your brand story? How do you show that your particular customer journey is the one your prospects need to be on to satisfy their underlying desire?

Showing social proof reverses our fear of the unknown, and fuels our fear of missing out, which makes us want what you have.

3. Copywriting Must Embrace The Art Of Supposition.

My favourite ingredient in all persuasive copywriting is the element of supposition. How does your prospect's world look when you show them a life without their pain point?

People can always recognise those who know how to give them exactly what they need, so supposition works on the principle of supposing your prospect's greatest desire has already been achieved.

When we put that all together, and allow your copywriting to tell a compelling story that supposes the dream scenario already exists with credible social proof, it becomes nearly impossible for the right target market to turn you down.

It has the opposite effect.

When you get the copywriting right, you become the go-to solution for your ideal customer, and they're willing to pay more for your products, which they genuinely understand to be the best they can get.

If you have the right story, marketing is simple, because the right market comes to you.

It all starts with your copywriting. Download your free 10-Point Checklist for Writing Sales Copy That Actually Sells! here.

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