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Build an authentic brand narrative that speaks directly to your dream clients!

Written by Natalie brings your business to life through powerful brand story development, proven sales copywriting techniques, and personalised sales training.

This lets your audience
feel comfortable, which builds trust and makes them choose you every time.

What's holding your business back today?


"I don't really know who I'm trying to target with my sales story."

The Brand Story Blueprint defines the ideal client, then reverse-engineers the right clients into your sales story.


"I struggle to articulate what my business really does."

Professional sales copywriting creates a powerful story that ties your ideas together with a golden thread.


"People book my sales calls... but then they don't convert."

Consultative sales coaching teaches you valuable soft-sell techniques that feel kind, helpful, and human.

Natalie Dent Brand-Story-Development-Consultant

Empower your business!

Hi, I'm Natalie Dent, a respected sales copywriter and author of the book, Enriched Marketing (coming January '24).

I'm one of those candid people with an uncanny ability to see the golden thread in just about anything. That's good for business owners because it means I can reveal your hidden value to your ideal future clients.

From enriched brand story development to powerful sales copywriting, inbound marketing, and one–to–one sales coaching, I’ll fill your business with dream clients before you can say ‘transformed’.

Clients are nice. The right clients are better.

It's easy to get sucked into the wrong-client trap. Sure, misaligned clients pay the bills. But misaligned clients will never bring both money and joy into running your business.

Let's hook your ideal clients to achieve your business goals. Watch the short video below to see how my unique approach to selling with stories boosts your conversion rates.

(Remember to pop your sound up!)