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I've worked with big brands, medium-sized startups and highly ambitious entrepreneurs who are gathering ideas to follow their dreams. My work is often ghostwritten, so links are provided where appropriate. 


My portfolio is extensive. This section only represents a select few of the projects I've worked on. If you need a specific writing sample to match your project just let me know and I'll be happy to send you something suitable.

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Robert Mark Safaris



My client needed me to research and write over 700 website pages, amounting to roughly 560k words or 8 novels, in just 6 weeks. The landing pages were a mix of Africa destination pages, luxury lodge pages and tailored safari itineraries. Copy for 300 paid Google Ad campaigns was also provided. This website consistently ranks #1 amongst paid Google advertisers in the Africa travel industry.

To compliment my work on the website overhaul project, I edited and revised sales funnel emails to slant sales communication towards the individual quirks and nuances of the UK, USA and Asian markets, which all have slightly different buyer psychologies.


client FEedback

“Natalie did a substantial amount of copywriting for us on a website upgrade project that we did. She researched and wrote a lot of pages very well over a period of a few weeks, working with the project manager on very tight time frames and with long days to meet deadlines. She was reliable, worked hard, produced a high standard of work and assisted us greatly to complete the project on time.” - Rob, Marketing Director

Travel PeeGee Experience



Philipp Gloeckl is a well-travelled influencer and author of the book The NO EXCUSE Travel Guide. I assisted Philipp throughout the creation of his travel book. My services included structural and copy editing for the entire manuscript. I provided complimentary sales and author bio pages for marketing on Amazon and Google, and retouched all images in the published book.

As a continuation of The NO EXCUSE Travel Guide, I provided writing and editing services for the upcoming planner, The NO EXCUSE Travel Planner. I have also provided feedback on the website.


client FEedback

“Natalie was the single best freelancer I ever worked with. She is extremely professional and a warm-hearted business partner! I always felt very comfortable working with her and trusted her honest opinion. She is straight forward, very fast in what she is doing and quality wise the best in her field. My book would have never been possible without her services. I highly recommend her services! Great person to work with - always willing to go the extra mile and happy to help wherever she can!” - Philipp G

Helly Hansen


Premium Outdoor Clothing Brand

Helly Hansen is an established leading brand in professional grade outdoor sports clothing. My copywriting services included writing 22 website landing pages for skiing, sailing and outdoor clothing.

This client required I write to highly specific brand guidelines, using multiple keywords to match their existing tone of voice in less than 50 words per page.


client FEedback

“Just got the feedback from the wider team. The copy is great.” - Stefania, search Marketing manager




DuoMe is revolutionising the way companies approach flexible working by sourcing and creating job share roles in high-level positions. 

I regularly write content for DuoMe, and have so far provided around 15k words on flexible working and job sharing. This requires solid research, and a professional yet optimistic tone of voice.


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Dave h

- microsoft research team -

"Natalie was great. Fast, communicative, and did high quality work. I would recommend them for writing tasks."


- BuildPatron -

"How did you provide that much value in such a short period of time? Thank you so much for this. You have cleared up and confirmed how I felt subconsciously."


- 10 adventures, Canada -

"Thanks for your great work Natalie. Hope to work with you again once Covid-19 is done and things are back to normal."

Ben D

- The Haven Spa -

"Thanks Natalie, this is excellent work. Just what I was looking for."

QuitteriE D

- wholyme -

"It's good, thank you Natalie!"

Leila L

- Just Jodz -

"Thank you so much Natalie. I think you are really well suited to the informative magazine-style riding articles."

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